Tematic Actions

We promote the access to and completion of formal quality education studies of both teenagers and youth by strengthening social and educational initiatives that foster increased education opportunities and the development of their general education.

  • SES provides support to 993 social organizations in the development of social and educational initiatives aimed at increasing education opportunities for children and teenagers.
  • 11,650 adults and 39,750 children, teenagers and youth are involved in our joint actions with government organizations responsible for education policies, and with social organizations, unions, and regional, national and global organizations that strive to guarantee the right to education.

    Network for the Right to Education

    Red por el Derecho a la Educación (in Spanish) is a network that brings together social and community-level organizations from across the country which work with children, teenagers and adults, with a view to guaranteeing the right to education at all levels of the educational system. This network stretches across twelve provinces, namely Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza, Santa Fe, Corrientes, Chaco, Formosa, Misiones, Río Negro, Neuquén, Jujuy and Salta.

    The network has published reports on its findings and impact on community-level organizations by means of a research process combining qualitative strategies with a survey of the organizations that worked jointly with SES for the purposes of the network.

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    Dialogues on Education

    Through different initiatives, SES engages in dialogue with different key players, as well as training centers for teachers and teams that seek to strengthen inclusion strategies and ensure youth receive quality education at school.

    Youth Active Involvement in School Life

    Fundación SES promotes the creation and/or strengthening of school activities that encourage student involvement, with the aim of supporting teaching strategies which take into account the perspectives and needs of both teenagers and youth.

    Digital School Support

    Apoyo Escolar Digital (in Spanish) is an initiative developed by Fundación SES after acknowledging the need to support national and provincial initiatives aimed at bridging the digital gap in institutions where teachers and students are provided with computers, mostly for the first time, to enrich their teaching and learning processes.