About Us

We are a social organization created in 1999. We strive to promote at-risk youth inclusion, with a focus on developing their rights.

Together with other social organizations, companies, the State and international organizations, we implement initiatives at home, in Latin America and in Europe. We seek to increase education opportunities and develop professional competencies for young people, as well as strengthen the active involvement of youth in their communities.

Our main strategy is twofold: it involves developing networks and forging partnerships, as well as strengthening different organizations that are part of the civil society, thus co-developing public policies together with the State, the main driving force that upholds and guarantees citizens’ rights.


Our acronym (SES) stands for our three founding values:

  • Sustainability, since we are committed to future generations.
  • Education, as a driver of development.
  • Solidarity, a pillar of social integration. 

Our actions and initiatives reflect our fundamental values: honesty, commitment to our mission, responsibility, active involvement, and a professional approach to our task, political vision, teamwork, and interaction with others.

This is a framework which we believe encourages transformation. We value youth involvement in our different actions and programs.